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If you want to recycle plastic waste materials, you must be looking for a shredder and a granulator. However, you want a machine that has the combination of both. You need a shredder granulator combination machine. If you want to avail one immediately, you better check updates online. You must visit the official website of the company that provides shredder granulator machines. The site where the machine is sold must not only provide you with small features and costs. It should provide you with comprehensive features of the machine.
It will be ideal on your part to check the design of the recycling system. It should have a compact space where you can save plastics. Aside from that, you must find the machine to have low noise emission. If you need to reduce the size of plastics, the said machine must be flexible enough to conduct size reduction. There must also be options for the discharge of flexible materials. Another important thing to consider is to check the description of the shredder granulator. You will surely appreciate the machine if it has an E-type rotor that is 400 mm in diameter. It must also have proven knife and a wonderful knife holder design.

Upon examination, you will know that the Shredder Granulator device is driven by a gear drive. Such drive is high torque that can handle tougher input materials. You will also appreciate its material hopper and horizontal pusher. The material hopper must be large enough and the pusher must be powerful enough to allow processing of voluminous plastics. There are also heavy parts which need to be processed. The features of the machine must enable you to save time. You also notice the 3-blade granulator rotor. Upon your assessment, the said rotor is even C-series based. You will love how the granulator and shredder work together to come up with a reliable operation.
You will also get the chance to check some applications of the shredder granulator. If you need to use it inside the factory, it can be done for sure because it is designed for in-house use. You will never have issues about plastic blowing and injection molding since the applications are tested. You may also love to check small footprint that needs to be integrated to existing factory workshops. You will never be afraid of contamination because the machine is a closed system. If you have flush or purging as materials, the shredder granulator machine can take process large volume parts.

You will find specifications at the website. Hence, you will know the feed opening, rotor width, rotor diameter, drive capacity, hydraulic drive capacity, rotor knives, stator knives, and screen size. You will also know the dimensions of all those machines. If you want to contact them, you better call the company to ask some sensible questions. Their agents are willing to receive your inquiries and feedback. If you also want to ask pertinent questions, you better send them in detail. You will receive the response immediately.